Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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  • The original purchaser may return any undamaged part for the period indicated on your invoice and receive a full credit towards the purchase of the same or similar part, or refund. This period begins from the invoice date. Your warranty begins at the date of original purchase as it appears on the front of your invoice. This warranty policy covers only the Miller’s Auto Recycling parts you originally purchased.

Parts to be returned must be undamaged, and when applicable, be marked or otherwise verified as the original part you purchased. Normal wear and tear does not include damages caused by:

  • Accidents, collision, fire, theft, freezing, vandalism, riot, explosion, or objects striking vehicle.
  • Misusing the vehicle, such as driving over curbs, running the engine above the recommended maximum revolution per minute level, racing, using the vehicle for off-road purposes, using the vehicle as a stationary power source, altering or modifying the vehicle- including the body chassis or components, tampering with the vehicle or the emissions systems, or other parts that effect these systems.
  • Using contaminated or improper fuel/fluids.
  • Customer-applied chemicals or accidental spills.
  • Driving through water enough to cause water to be ingested into the engine.
  • Damage caused by failure to maintain the vehicle, improperly maintaining the vehicle or using the wrong part, fuel, oil, lubricants, or fluids. (See owner’s manual and/or service guide for correct fluid types and levels, and schedules for changing fluids, filters, brake pads, and other vehicle parts).
  • Coverage under the Miller’s Warranty Policy may not be transferred to any other person.
  • If a replacement part is unavailable, we reserve the right to make a refund of purchase price less the warranty product purchased.
  • Proof of purchase is required to validate warranty.
  • Extended Warranty is not inclusive of any associated products required to satisfy a warranty claim
    • (Shop Supplies, Fluids, Gaskets, Filters, etc.)
  • Warranty claim will be paid to a maximum of the original purchase terms
    • (product price + maximum labour time coverage – shop supplies, fluids, gaskets, filters)
  • Commercial warranty 90-day standard warranty only, Extended warranties are not available for commercial applications
  • Warranty is nonexclusive of any loss of income as a result of product failure
  • Warranty will not cover substitute vehicle or provide rental coverage.
  • Extended Warranty is non-refundable
  • Miller’s disclaims any responsibility for incidental or consequential damages relating or caused by these Miller’s products.
  • Warranty begins on invoice date

 Labour Terms

  • Labour warranty will be paid to a maximum of the amount of coverage purchased.
  • Labour warranty claims will only be paid out to mechanical repair facilities with a certified technician(s) on staff


MILLER’S AUTO RECYCLING (1992) LTD. Retains title to the goods described in this invoice until such time as the payments are received in full.


  • ENGINES are guaranteed to be in good operating condition and within reasonable limits of manufactures’ specifications as stated by the seller i.e. oil pressure, compression and oil consumption. Only the block, heads, valve train and rotating assembly are covered under this guarantee. Accessories such as the water pump, distributor, coil pack, fuel injection, and intake and exhaust manifolds, are left attached to the motor for the convenience of the customer only and are not in any way covered by this guarantee. THE INTAKE GASKET, OIL FILTER AND ANY FLUIDS IN THE MOTOR MUST BE CHANGED PRIOR TO INSTALLATION AND MUST MEET MANUFACTURES’ SPECIFICATIONS.
  • STANDARD TRANSMISSIONS, FRONT AND REAR AXLE assemblies are guaranteed functional assemblies and not noisy. Gears are guaranteed at time of purchase. Cracked or broken teeth after sale are obvious abuse and will not be warrantied. A NEW INSPECTION COVER GASKET AND ALL LUBRICANTS MUST BE CHANGED BEFORE INSTALLATION AND MUST MEET MANFACTURES’ SPECIFICATIONS, TO VALIDATE WARRANTY. Front and rear axle assemblies must be installed as a complete assembly to validate warranty.
  • AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS are guaranteed functional assemblies. Front and rear seals, oil filter and oil pan gasket must be changed prior to installation and to validate warranty. THE TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER MUST ALSO BE FLUSHED. ALL FLUIDS MUST BE CHANGED AND MEET MANFACTURES SPECIFICATIONS, TO VALIDATE WARRANTY.
  • OBVIOUS ABUSE or operating the assembly with low levels of lubricant or coolant violates this warranty.
  • COMMERICAL VEHICLES, TAXIS, ETC., will have a 90 day conditional warranty unless otherwise discussed with the salesperson and documented on the bill of sale.
  • ALL PARTS PURCHASED on the customer’s behalf, carry the warranty of the seller.
  • RADIATORS, HEATER CORES AND BATTERIES are guaranteed not to leak and to operate effectively for the specified period stated by the seller. PURCHASER MUST USE MANUFACTURER APPROVED FLUIDS.
  • NON-DEFECTIVE PARTS RETURNED are subject to acceptance by the seller. Labour charges and freight costs are not refundable.
  • THE PURCHASER AGREES that notwithstanding the SALES OF GOODS ACT R.S.O. 1970 c 421, in the event the goods hereby purchased prove to be defective in any respect, Miller’s Auto Recycling (1992) Ltd., SHALL ONLY BE RESPONSIBLE TO REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE OF SUCH DEFECTIVE GOODS, AND FOR NO OTHER COST OR EXPENSE WHATSOEVER INCURRED BY THE PURCHASER.
  • RETURNED PARTS must be in the same condition as when sold.
  • WARRANTY IS VOID if part has been disassembled, or incorrectly installed.
  • ALL DEPOSITS are good for 7 days unless otherwise specified in writing and are non-refundable.
  • PERFORMANCE ENHANCING products installed prior to, or after the installation of a product purchased from the seller voids any warranty or guarantee implied by the seller.
  • 6 MONTH WARRANTY Unless Otherwise Specified